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Granite-effect Spraying

The Revolution of Spray Granite

Spray granite technology marks a revolution in interior design, offering a unique blend of style and durability. This innovative coating system, with its array of colours and multiple finishes like satin, gloss, or matte, allows unparalleled customisation. Its use of real granite flakes provides a textured or smooth finish, catering to any aesthetic preference. Ideal for high-wear areas like kitchens, it promises longevity and resistance to daily use. This versatile, elegant solution is transforming how we approach interior design, blending functionality with artistic expression.

Ideal for Worktops and Splashback

Spray Granite technology offers an innovative solution for kitchen worktops and splashbacks, blending aesthetics with functionality. This technology uses a mix of granite particles and resins, sprayed onto surfaces, creating a granite-like finish. It’s highly durable, resistant to scratches and heat, making it ideal for the kitchen environment. Its seamless finish ensures easy cleaning and maintenance, reducing the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. The versatility in colours and patterns allows for customisation, matching any kitchen decor. Additionally, Spray Granite is cost-effective compared to solid granite, making it an accessible luxury for modern kitchens.

The Quality of the Granite Effect

Spray granite systems offer a range of impressive features, making them a versatile choice for various applications. Here’s a summary of their key benefits:

These systems are completely non-porous, making them an excellent choice for the kitchen environment, whether it is covering walls, splashback tiles or the worktop.

The surfaces are designed to withstand scratches, providing robust enough for commercial warehouse flooring, so you can rest assured it will withstand the worst of kitchen accidents.

They retain their colour even under direct sunlight, ensuring a long-lasting fresh appearance.

Spray granite remains stable and doesn’t crack or deform at high temperatures, performing just as well as traditional kitchen tops.

Resistant to staining, these surfaces can handle harsh chemicals and frequent cleaning without damage.

Unlike other materials, spray granite dries quickly and doesn’t emit strong odours during application.

Engineered to resist bacteria, these surfaces maintain hygiene and safety.

With additional coatings, they not only prevent bacterial growth but also kill up to 99.9% of microbes, making them ideal for food preparation environments.

Spray Granite surfaces are free of any allergens such as fungi, moulds, mites, microbes or bacteria that could cause a reaction.

These properties make spray granite a revolutionary choice in various settings, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal.

Certified Granite Experts

At Jack & Daniel Kitchen Makeovers we are an accredited installer of Spray Granite technology, having completed the comprehensive training program from the manufacturer. Our expertise includes knowledge of the product range, application processes, and equipment maintenance. As an accredited installer, we offer high-standard, precise installations, ensuring top-quality results for both homeowners and businesses. Our proficiency in this innovative technology guarantees a seamless and stylish Kitchen Makeover experience.