J&D Kitchens

Kitchen Walls Tilling

Tiling kitchen walls is a popular choice for adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal to the heart of the home. Tiles offer a diverse range of styles, colours, and patterns, enabling a personalised touch that can complement or contrast with kitchen cabinetry and worktops. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are most commonly used due to their durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to heat and moisture – essential qualities in a kitchen environment. Glass and mosaic tiles are also favoured for creating feature walls or backsplashes, adding a touch of elegance. Properly installed, kitchen wall tiles are long-lasting and provide a hygienic, easy-to-maintain surface, making them a practical and stylish solution for modern kitchens. They not only protect walls from splashes and spills but also contribute significantly to the overall design and feel of the space.

Walls Panels and Splashbacks

A kitchen splashback is a practical and stylish feature, playing a crucial role in both protecting your walls from splashes and spills and adding a visual highlight to your kitchen. Wall panels, available in materials like acrylic, stainless steel, or laminated composites, offer a seamless and modern look, often extending across larger areas for uniform protection and aesthetic appeal. Splashbacks, typically installed behind stoves and sinks, can be made from glass, tiles, or even reflective materials, providing a focal point in the kitchen design. Both options come in various colours, patterns, and finishes, allowing for customization to fit any kitchen theme. Their smooth surfaces make cleaning effortless, contributing to a hygienic kitchen environment. Durable and versatile, kitchen wall panels and splashbacks not only safeguard kitchen walls against the rigours of cooking but also infuse the space with personality and charm.