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J&D Kitchens Transformations in Edinburgh

J&D Kitchens specialises in kitchen installation and renovation across Edinburgh and Central Scotland, giving your kitchen a fresh and modern look. We have been fitting kitchens for almost two decades and have always been praised for our professionalism. Tradesmen at J&D Kitchens Makeovers have the number one role that makes us stand out from the crowd – We never compromise on the quality of the materials we use.

We do detailed bespoke kitchen refurbishment in the Scotland, and we are the go-to company if you need a small repair job or a complete redesign of your kitchen space. With our team of expert tradesmen, we will transform your kitchen space into the highlight of your home, taking all of your preferences and needs as our highest priority. Details matter, and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with our work.

Precision Kitchen Installations Experts for Edinburgh Homes

Our kitchen installation services are always thorough and detailed. We always hire qualified and experienced professionals who make sure your specific requirements are taken into consideration when building your new kitchen. Whether you need a simple front refitting or a comprehensive plumbing work, you can have confidence that our experts deal with your request both quickly and with attention to details.

We understand that some kitchens are harder to access than the others, especially in a city like Edinburgh or Glasgow. Don’t worry, our broad experience allows us to deal with every kind of job. With proper tools and safety measures we can work on any kitchen.

Crafting Dream Kitchens with Quality and Precision

We fit kitchens on every budget. Whenever you have something more fancy in mind or want to transform a bigger space, we can execute your wildest dream ensuring that every detail, no matter how insignificant, is brought to perfection. We take pride in using high-end materials to increase your kitchen longevity and give it an excellent look. J&D Kitchens Makeovers works with designers and quality materials providers to obtain “wow-effect”. With almost two decades in this business, you can trust that we will work smoothly and thoroughly while following all safety standards.

From Vision to Reality We Delivers Bespoke Excellence Kitchens

If you have a brilliant and unique idea for a new kitchen, contact us to make your dreams come true. With our custom workshop and experienced tradesmen, we can bring to life any bespoke design. Every step we take, you will be watching us; we stay in communication while delivering your project so that the final effect matches your expectations. We offer a flexible approach combined with expertise and advice.

Top Suppliers to Customize Your Perfect Kitchen

We work with leading kitchen suppliers including Howdens, Magnet, Wren, IKEA, Kitchens International and more. We are always open to expanding our horizons, so if you want us to use a particular supplier, we would be happy to adapt and work with them!

Comprehensive Expertise Kitchen Installations

Our professional team of plumbers, joiners, carpenters and painters oversee the complete fitting of your kitchen. Even in cases where specialist expertise is required, such as gas specialists, rest assured that we have a complete team of tradesmen at hand to help solve any problems we might face.