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We will determine the quantity and size of drawers, cabinet doors, and other kitchen components before providing you with an estimate. The finish you decide on is another important consideration. You will pay less for a finish with low sheen, but more for one with a 100% wet-look high gloss. You should budget £1200 and above, or £40 per door plus labour on the job site. Please be aware, though, that there are a number of variables that can affect this price. After reviewing the job, we will be able to provide a precise quotation.
In fact, choose for a finish that is robust, long-lasting, and requires less time to apply rather than a high-end one, like satin or matt. Additionally, you can consider merely spraying the visible exteriors of the doors and drawers. You will save up to 20% by doing this. The fronts can be removed on your own, and you can drop them off at our office to save some money.
Yes, we will provide you a reasonable quote, so you can consider it. Additionally, if you let us know what your spending limit is, we can provide you the finest possibilities within it.
The amount of things we need to spray and whether we are working on-site or at our facility will mostly determine how long it takes. Although we are aware that you will want the doors and other items to be taken down, painted, and reinstalled as soon as possible, often we can do so in a single day.

J&D is aware that you’ll want your kitchen to have the nicest colours. We carry paints from reputable companies because of this, including F&B, RAL, Johnstone, Little Greene, Dulux, and many more.

The following sheen levels can be combined with each colour:
Matte: 10% sheen, flat
20% sheen Matt
30% sheen for eggshell
40% sheen for satin
50–70% sheen for semi-gloss
80–90% sheen for high gloss

You can let us know whatever colour you want to use, and if you need help deciding, just let us know.