J&D Kitchens


Send us your photos

Through the website’s contact form, you can send us photos and all the other information we need. If the kitchen is in bad condition, and you think it needs fixing, we would also like you to explain and send us pictures of the damage.


Preparing a quote

Once we get the good quality photos and any other information we need, we’ll send you a full detailed quote. Our quote works like a shopping cart in a store; you may remove things you don’t need, and if more work is required, we’ll charge more for it.


Quote accepted

Good news! We only require a minimum 10% deposit at this point in order to schedule this job and purchase the materials. As soon as we get the deposit, if necessary, we’ll take care of all the work’s details.


Starting day

On the first day, we’ll take off all the kitchen cabinet fronts and set them aside. After that, we will begin preparing the other parts of the kitchen, such as the side panels, cornices, etc. We start by covering and protecting everything. After that, we begin degreasing and sanding everything down and if necessary repair damaged areas. When everything is prepared, we will set up the ventilation and start spraying. We apply one coat of primer and two coats of top coat paint. This work normally take one full day


Work in progress

If your work only involves spraying the fronts, worktop, tiles, or replacing handles, we may come back in 3–4 days to put the fronts back on. If, on the other hand, you want to replace worktops, paint walls, lay tiles, etc., the work will continue the next day or as scheduled prior to that.


Work complete

When the job is done, we check the quality of the work very carefully.


Let's start your new dream project