J&D Kitchens


Fill out the form, attach photos

Use the website contact form and send us your kitchen photos and describe what you need to be done. Be sure to attach photos that are of reasonable quality and include all elements that we will be working with. This is important in order for us to provide you with an accurate quote.


Review the quote

We will usually send you the quote within 2 working days. Attached we also send a guide that will explain all the details you might want to know about our work. That includes some advice on how to choose the right colour for your new kitchen and so on. Please review both carefully and make sure to reach out to us in case you have any questions. We are happy to help answer any and all questions.


Final details

Once you accept the quote we can start to discuss the possible dates as well as the paint colour and all other details that will be individual to your project.


Starting day

On the first day we work on site and that is when most of the magic happens. We usually finish the site work in one day, but if your space is large, requires extra work or is damaged, we might need more time. By the end of the first day your kitchen will already be sprayed and the area tidied up, ready to be used as normal. All that is left are the doors and other smaller elements that we will spray at our workshop to avoid disrupting you.



Once we finish spraying the fronts we come back and reinstall them on site. This is the time for final touch-ups and assuring the quality of the work. We aim at reinstalling within 7 days from the starting date.


Let's start your new dream project