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Kitchen Spray Painting Services

We provide more than just what you expect

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to replace a perfectly good kitchen when you can paint it for a fraction of the price. Kitchen Spraying offers a factory finish kitchen re-spray that makes your old or worn-out kitchen look like it did when it was brand new. We provide you with a wide selection of paint colours from premium manufacturers, like BS & RAL, Little France, Craig Rose, Farrow & Ball, and many more.

First Day


On the first day, we take all of the kitchen fronts off and set them aside.

Then we start preparing the rest of the kitchen, including the side panels, cabinet edges, decorations, corners, and all trims. We sand them down, degrease them, and fix any dents or scratches that need to be fixed.

Before & After
Fixing Dents and scratches

03-04 days


We’re spraying all the kitchen’s fronts in our spray booth to make sure that the finish is as smooth as possible.


All fronts are being prepared, and if necessary, any dents are being fixed. We spray them with two coats of two pack top coat paint after a two coats of two pack primer. Once they have fully cured, we carefully pack them and load them onto our vehicle for delivery.
Last Day


We arrive on the day, typically for two to three hours, and reinstall all sprayed fronts.