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Kitchen Spray Painting Services

At The Core of Your Kitchen Makeover

Breathe new life into your kitchen with our professional cabinet spray painting service. Our team of experts ensures a flawless finish, transforming outdated cabinets into modern features of your home, all with minimal disruption and cost. This service will be the biggest difference in the Makeover of your kitchen.

Before & After
Fixing Dents and Scratches


We thoroughly prepare all the elements before spraying, degreasing them and fixing the damages so once we spray them the surface is smooth – what we call Factory Finish.

This makes the quality of our service equal to a brand new product with one additional upside: the Polyethylene Paint.

The Polyethylene Paint

Industrial-grade polyethylene paint offers unparalleled durability and resistance, ideal for environments subjected to high wear and tear. When applied to kitchen units, it ensures a resilient finish that withstands daily use while maintaining a pristine appearance. This is a clear advantage of our finish compared to new kitchens as the paint is durable and will last longer, even in high traffic areas.


Once the kitchen is fixed-up, sprayed and assembled you will not believe how much of a difference it will make to your space. And all of it hassle-free, without the need to buy a new kitchen, to change plumbing, electricity or heating layouts, without calling in multiple different tradesmen that will charge extra. Maximum effect with minimal disturbance on your part – that is what we always aim for.